Scientific Work Profile

Note: A while ago I had the idea of creating a "Research and Work Profile" to facilitate knowledge exchange. This here is my scientific work profile:

Discipline: Psychology (level: PostDoc)

Worked with: psychologists, computer scientists, therapists, museum curators, educators, managers

Topics: mobile media, critical thinking, reflection, behavior change, work methods, research ethics, persuasive technology, informal settings (esp. museums)
prior topics: interest, bookmarking

Methodology and Methods: Experiments, Experiments with Field Elements, Field Experiments, Surveys, Interviews, ...

Statistical Methods: t-Tests, ANOVAs, Exploratory Factor Analysis, ...

Time- and Task Management: OmniFocus, EpicWin, iCal (Mac, iPhone)
prior: paper calendar

Literature Management: DEVONthink, Papers 2
prior: Zotero, Sente, ...

Reading Literature: GoodReader on iPad
prior: Sente, Papers, Acrobat, print-outs

Literature Notes: Circus Ponies Notebook (Topic Notebook)
prior: Wiki (DokuWiki), print-outs, Circus Ponies Notebook (1 page per article)

Idea Management: DEVONthink, Circus Ponies Notebook
prior: Wiki (DokuWiki), MS Access

Developing Ideas: paper, MagicChart, Circus Ponies Notebook
prior: ./.

Analyzing Data: R, SPSS, MS Excel
prior: ./.

Writing: Circus Ponies Notebook (Content Outline), Scrivener, InDesign
prior: MS Word, Pages